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The Best Real Lie Detector Test of 2021

  Updated on 19 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Lie Detector Test Real Free Prank
  • Lie Tester Feature:
  • ☆ Realistic and powerful Graphics and instruments including finger scanner, indicator...
  • ☆ Vivid finger print scan animation and electric signal diagram.
  • ☆ Allow you to preset the result to prank your friends! Press the volume key when...
Bestseller No. 2
JULAN Upgrade Micro Electric Shocking Lie Detector, Tricky...
  • Package Includes: 1 x Micro Electric Shock Lie Detector , Requires 3 x "AA" batteries (...
  • An interesting and little frightening liar shocking game. You can test someone or friends...
  • Totally 5 LED lights of 3 green and 2 red ones. The lie you say bigger, more lights on....
  • The portable lie detector is a table top device; Toys for your friends ,Fool's Day Party...
Bestseller No. 3
Party Game Lie Detector Toy, Micro Electric Shock Lie...
  • Lie Detector is a really fun toy to play with your friends, especially for truth party...
  • The polygraph has two kinds of punishment functions: Electric Shock or Vibration.
  • Put tester's fingers on the sensing slots of the lie detector, it will punish the liar...
  • It supports six players to play at the same time.
Bestseller No. 4
Canyita Polygraph Test, Adjustable Electric Shock Lie...
  • LIE DETECTOR: With a built-in lie detector, the shock game will display the truth of an...
  • RULE: Place your hand onto the hand plate of the shocking liar.If you tell the truth, you...
  • HOW TO PLAY: Put your hand on the lie detector in the hollow of your hand making sure you...
  • REMEMBER: After each question you must click "analyzer" button. Lie detector will measure...
Bestseller No. 5
Upgrade Micro Electric Shocking Lie Detector, Funtoy Tricky...
  • The lie you say bigger, more lights on. When all 5 lights on, you will be punished heavily...
  • If you tell the truth, no shocking and you can move out your hand safely. But if you tell...
  • Toys for your friends, Fool's Day Party, Prank gifts, Halloween Prank, Christmas gift.
  • It would be a great warm-up game at a party.

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Buyer's Guide: Real Lie Detector Test

Real Lie Detector Test Apps Review - How They Work

The Real Lie Detector Test is a device invented by Jim Fetzer and John Ensom to detect truth from a person's non-verbal hints and body language. It can be used for many reasons, including protecting our children from sexual predators, protecting the family dog from attack, protecting the home from burglary and theft and more. With its help we can uncover the lies of others much more easily, which in turn means that we can protect our loved ones as well. In this article we'll cover the basics of the Real Lie Detector and how you can get your own Real Lie Detector Test ordered and ready to go so that you can use it right away.

The idea behind a Real Lie Detector Test is that an examiner will place their finger in front of the subject (person being investigated) and motion towards the subject so that their finger trails off to the examiner's thumb. Should the motion be detected by the examiner they "lie", i.e. move their finger off to another point. If the examiner does not detect the subject's movement they "get caught" and have their finger examined by the polygraph examiner who then renders a positive or negative verdict on the validity of the subject's story. There are some more elaborate polygraph tests using " liar" whistles and bells, but for simplicity we'll stick with the basic one's and leave all the bells and whistles to the professionals!

The Real Lie Detector Test is extremely easy to use. There are several versions of the "tests" available for download from the Android Market. The free version only allows one finger detection whereas the pro version offers a countdown, "hold your position" and "run to safety" options. As I said, there are numerous versions of the iPhone and android apps offering the same service and most are free or have a low-cost cost.

To use the iPhone and android Lie Detector Apps, the subject must remain stationary and watch the x and y coordinates on the screen. The subject is asked a series of questions regarding specific details they may remember. For example, the examiner asks them where they were at 9 AM the prior day. The examinee must enter in the time (time where they were actually at the location). Then the examinee must examine the location and determine if they remember accurately (even though they can't remember exactly when they were there). After the examination, the examiner will present them with the results and make sure they understand what to do with the information.

The "free" version of the Real Lie Detector is quite frankly, a joke. Sure, it works perfectly fine for many lie detection applications, but this one falls way short. The free Real Lie Detector app just doesn't work very well. It seems like it has been designed mostly for those trying to advertise their own business. The interface and user friendly nature of the software is far from helpful when trying to perform a professional analysis.

The "pro" version of the Real Lie Detector app is definitely worth the purchase price. Once you purchase the Pro version, you are given access to an even larger database of over 5000 fingerprint patterns. Not only that, but the software also allows users to enter their finger prints and have them compared to the millions of others. With this powerful tool, you are able to determine the truth of whether or not a particular person is telling you the truth!

If you really want to know if a person is lying, then the only accurate way to do so is by having a private investigator perform a professional lie detector exam. Private investigators are professionally trained to detect liars from the entire spectrum of truthfulness in all situations. There is no other way to be sure than by using an accurate, polygraph examination.

Real Lie Detector Test Apps offer an inexpensive alternative to hiring a polygraph examiner. Polygraphers are not cheap to hire and most people do not have the extra funds to pay for an expensive private eye. On the other hand, using the Real Lie Detector Test App is less costly than many professionals fees. All in all, these Lie detector test apps are a safe and accurate way to learn whether or not a person is telling you the truth.