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The Best Modern Fertility Test of 2021

  Updated on 19 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Modern Fertility Test for Women - Hormone Test Kit You Can...
  • FERTILITY HORMONE TEST - The only comprehensive fertility hormone test that you can take...
  • ACCURATE + AFFORDABLE - The same test as clinics typically cost over $1000. The test is...
  • PROACTIVE INSIGHT - Learn about your ovarian reserve (how many eggs you have), fertility...
  • HOW IT WORKS - You’ll test for between 2 and 8 hormones. Collect your sample (just a few...
Bestseller No. 2
Modern Fertility Ovulation Kit - 20 Ovulation Test Strips in...
  • 99% ACCURATE - At detecting LH in urine.
  • FIND YOUR 2 MOST FERTILE DAYS - Track your LH levels and predict ovulation.
  • WORKS WITH YOUR CYCLE - Most ovulation tests give you a positive or negative result. Our...
  • FREE APP TO SCAN + LOG TESTS - The free Modern Fertility iOS App makes it easier to...
Bestseller No. 3
Modern Fertility Pregnancy Test - 4 Count. Early Detection...
  • 99% ACCURATE - At detecting pregnancy from the day of your missed period.
  • TEST EARLY - You can test up to 6 days before your missed period.
  • AFFORDABLE - Just as affordable and accurate from the day of your missed period as leading...
  • FREE APP - Use the free Modern Fertility iOS App to track your cycle and get a...
SaleBestseller No. 4
Clearblue Fertility Monitor, Touch Screen, 1 Count
  • Proven to increase the chances of getting pregnant by 82% in the first cycle of use(1)
  • Detects more fertile days than traditional ovulation tests(2) for more opportunities to...
  • Easy to use touch screen monitor
  • Stores up to 6 cycles of your personal information which you can review and share with...
Bestseller No. 5
LetsGetChecked-at Home Female Hormone Test
  • The test is taken on day 3 of your cycle, by a simple finger prick blood sample, the test...
  • Hormonal imbalances can be caused by a number of factors including polycystic ovary...
  • Accredited laboratory testing from home! Self collect your sample from home in minutes and...
  • Our service includes access to board certified physicians & 24/7 excellent nursing support...

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Buyer's Guide: Modern Fertility Test

Modern Fertility Test

The Modern Fertility Test is as reliable and affordable from the moment of your last missed date as many top selling tests at pharmacies. Whether you are seeking for children or simply wish to take regular tests on your pharmacy shelf just in case, this incredibly accurate test is just for you. It is 99% accurate, even in the event of a missed date, so you can confidently test for pregnancy with the most reliable result plain and simple. This test comes with an extremely user-friendly interface that makes it very easy to use. Furthermore, once you've run the test and got results, there is really nothing else to do but wait for the doctor's appointment or go home and cry-weet!

Modern Fertility Test is actually one of the most affordable and easy to use fertility testing kits on the market today. When compared to other kits, the price is extremely reasonable and the process is as simple as can be. The kit contains eight hormones that are tested: follicle stimulating hormone (FSH), gonadotropin releasing hormone (GMRH), luteinizing hormone (LH), anti-progesterone hormone (PRH), thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), and testosterone. These eight hormones play an important role in women's fertility and are crucial in determining whether conception has potential or not.

The modern test works by probing the woman's reproductive cells for identifying the presence or absence of certain reproductive hormones. Then through a procedure called selective monitoring, the kit measures the quantity of these reproductive hormones in the urine sample. The kit has been specifically designed to measure a woman's reproductive response to a change in dietary intake or physical activity. This allows the practitioner to determine whether any underlying hormonal imbalances are causing the problem. Specific tests may be recommended based on the results of the urine test. A specialist doctor may also recommend specific tests in the case of serious hormonal imbalance.

There are specific health conditions that may disqualify a person from using a modern fertility test. For example, if a person has undergone surgery that resulted in the obstruction of the fallopian tubes or uterus, then the reproductive system may not respond appropriately. In addition, if a person suffers from certain diseases or disorders such as diabetes, then testing may also be denied. Women who smoke and those who have had pre-existing health conditions should first discuss their options with their physician before undergoing a test.

There are many different brand names of at-home fertility testing kits on the market. Most fertility clinics offer these kits for purchase or free trial. The most popular brand is Medela. Medela offers several models depending on the estimated period of time for a menstrual cycle. A fertility monitor is used to determine the best time to begin fertility treatment.

Most fertility monitors require you to begin monthly monitoring at an established dosage. Once you've reached your anticipated ovulation date, you will continue to take the required dosages until your next menstrual period. Some brands allow you to open a savings account that would be used for any unexpected expenses that occur during your reproductive years.

In many cases, a Medela at-home fertility test is more affordable than other brand options. This is because Medela provides quality products. They are made with high quality reproductive health materials. Many women prefer to use a brand they are familiar with and find the process of learning about, buying and using a Medela kit easy. Women may also find that there are a number of customer specials and discounts available with Medela as well as other fertility reproductive product companies.

It is important to remember that just because a Medela at-home test is affordable, it does not necessarily mean it is ineffective. Women still need to undergo other tests such as an in-clinic visit if they choose to get pregnant. Other methods of determining pregnancy such as monitoring hormone levels and taking a prenatal test are also very effective. If you choose to go with a brand of testing that does not include these steps, it is still possible to become pregnant and it will still cost you extra money. Purchasing a modern or email protected fertility monitor, however, makes it so that you can learn about your options from start to finish without worrying about additional expenses.