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The Best Key Switch Tester of 2021

  Updated on 19 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Max Keyboard All in One Mechanical Keyswitch Tester with...
  • 72 key mechanical key switches (Qty: 72)
  • Labeled PBT Keycap (Qty: 12)
  • Acrylic Base (Qty: 1)
Bestseller No. 2
Max Keyboard Cherry MX Switch Tester Switch Sampler...
  • Cherry MX switch type (Qty:12) [Cherry MX Red(1), MX Black(1), MX Blue(1), MX Brown(1), MX...
  • Labeled keycap (Qty: 12)
  • Acrylic base (Qty: 1)
Bestseller No. 3
Glorious PC Gaming Race Keyboard Switch Sample Pack
  • High quality material
  • Gateron and Kailh MX (RGB LED compatible) switch and Glorious O-Ring sample pack for...
  • Includes: 6x Gateron Switches (Black, Blue, Brown, Clear, Green, Red)
  • Includes: 8x Kailh Switches (Box Black, Box Brown, Box Red, Box White, Speed Bronze, Speed...
Bestseller No. 4
Max Keyboard Keycap, Cherry MX Switch, Tester Kit (9...
  • A must have kit to try Cherry MX mechanical key switches
  • Thick acrylic base to simulate actual key feeling
  • Translucent clear keycaps (Qty: 9) | R3 row profile
  • Cherry MX switch types (Qty:9) [Cherry MX Red(1), MX Black(1), MX Blue(1), MX Brown(1), MX...
SaleBestseller No. 5
12 Key Kailh Cream Polia Blueberry Holy Pandas Switches...
  • Package Included: 12 Key Kailh Tester + 12 keycaps
  • Please check the details for every switch details.
  • The acrylic frame is laser cut.For material reasons,the size cut out is little difference...

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Buyer's Guide: Key Switch Tester

Top 3 Key Switch Testers

Do not know which Cherry switch suits you best? Buy this tester and test yourself for the best key switch! Our buck teardrop keyboard has been designed to emulate the real feel of a genuine cherrymx switch by mounting all of the switches on a black metal keystem style model! Included is a set of 9 translucent, Cherry MX red, and rubber dome tactile keycaps. Low tactile response, quiet, and full actuation force.

The RTCM-approved buck trail is made out of anodized aluminum and anodized titanium for maximum durability and long lasting use. The RTCM is approved by professional user testing. The tested positive reviews are spot on with a large number of satisfied customers. With so many key switch testers on the market it can be difficult to choose. This review aims to help you choose the best key switch tester to use in your quest for finding the right keyswitch.

At one time when pushbutton key switches were in vogue, some manufacturers offered a type called the puller that you had to unscrew to change the key that was stuck. This process could get frustrating because sometimes the key would be stuck and then you would have to pull it out again to change it. Some keyboards would have limited number of push button keys that could be pulled out - usually four or five. The RTCM buck teardrop keycap pulls out all of the keys with ease.

The majority of people who buy new computer keyboards or make changes to their existing keyboards are looking for a good quality mechanical key switch tester to find which keys are sticky and which are not. As the switch becomes increasingly used, the amount of keys that are sticky and/or need to be moved increase. So what is the best way to deal with these keys and how do you find which ones are sticking more than others?

The first thing you want to do is look at whether a printed or generic o-ring is being used to cover the key that is stuck. If you're dealing with a standard mechanical keyboard, then this will not matter and the o-ring will be fine. However, if you're dealing with an ABS plastic model or a cherry MX green key switch then the o-ring will either need to be made from a high quality material or the mechanical keyboard will not be able to fit with the o-ring and you will need to purchase new o-rings or remotes.

The second thing to look at is to find out if the company offering you a switch tester also offers a backlit key to see detail through. This can often be found in the same place as the o-rings and is a great feature for the majority of people. A lot of companies offer detailed reviews on their products including some great technical details on how the key feels and reacts in your hands. Be sure to take a good look at these details as a lot of people can easily tell a cheap switch tester from a good one by just looking at the way it feels.

There is one important thing to remember when comparing switches; there are only two types of switches that can be installed in keyboards today ( MX and ALPS). They are referred to as Cherry MX and ALPS. The vast majority of keyboards available have the Cherry MX style which are the cheapest and most popular. But the cons do weigh heavily in terms of price when it comes to using them. They don't feel as light as ALPS and they don't have the tactile feedback that a lot of people love so much.

One thing that many people like about the clear keycaps is the fact that you can see through them which is essential for tactile keystroke input (by tactile we mean rapid taps on the keys). Another thing that some people appreciate is that they come with a flexible housing and the caps lock in place making it difficult to remove them when you want to. Clear keycaps come in a variety of different styles including some that are clear and some that have a translucent effect. The clear ones do tend to be more expensive but the trade off for functionality and durability is well worth the cost.