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The Best Hay Moisture Tester of 2021

  Updated on 19 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
AgraTronix 07100, DHT-1 Portable Hay Moisture Meter with 18"...
  • 18" Probe extra-rugged shaft made from aircraft aluminum
  • Direct readout for % moisture and temperature
  • Sturdy pistol-grip handle
Bestseller No. 2
Agratronix 07121, HT-PRO Portable Hay Moisture Tester
  • FARM TESTING EQUIPMENT: It is important to test stacked and stored hay before sale....
  • CALIBRATION CLIP: The hay tester is among the few portable hay moisture testers today that...
  • HANDHELD PROBE: The portable tester provides easy hand-held use for moisture-level...
  • ILLUMINATED DISPLAY: The LCD display provides real-time readings about moisture and...
Bestseller No. 3
All States Ag Parts Parts A.S.A.P. Agratronix Hay Bale...
  • Probe Length: 20"
  • Includes calibration clip
  • Above and below moisture limit indications
  • Illuminated LCD display
Bestseller No. 4
Agratronix Windrow Hay Moisture Tester
  • TESTING EQUIPMENT: Designed to test the moisture content of hay before the baling process,...
  • COMPACT DESIGN: This is a portable hay moisture testing machine that is developed for...
  • CONVENIENT USE: The moisture meter tester is easy to use. Add loose hay to a 5gal. bucket...
  • PRECISE MEASUREMENTS: The moisture tester for hay tests the moisture level within 30 to 60...
Bestseller No. 5
Portable Hay Moisture Meter for Alfalfa, Leymus Chinensis,...
  • The portable and compact moisture meter is easy to use and the moisture measurement...
  • Digital display with back light gives exact and clearly reading although you stay at the...
  • The Meter is convenient and efficient. It will save time and expense by monitoring...
  • The moisture meter operates has automatic temperature compensation (ATC).

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Buyer's Guide: Hay Moisture Tester

How to Check Moisture With a Hay Moisture Tester?

For many commercial weed killers, Bale Dry technology is the best choice. With it's super fast drying time and exceptional performance even under wintry conditions, Bale Dry has become a favorite among weeding professionals and homeowners alike. What's more, the new synthetic mulches keep moisture locked inside the soil for up to three months, so you don't have to worry about watering your plants during droughts. Best of all, it's completely odorless and tasteless. You don't need any sprayer or fertilizers. Just pour it into the soil and leave it alone.

The best Hay Moisture Tester out on the market today is from Agrarium Technologies, which makes several different models. Their newest model, the Haymoisturizer, measures the moisture content of the soil for free by using a infrared thermometer. This way, they can ensure that your bales are properly watered, without having to guess. For more accurate readings, you can also purchase an optional soil probe kit. When measuring moisture levels in the soil, it's important to understand that the moisture level will gradually increase as the season progresses, from the bottom till the top.

So how do you know if your bales are dry? The Agrarium Technologies Hay Moisture Tester comes equipped with an easy to read gauge, which is perfect for the professional weeding industry. Once you've filled your tank and turned on your machine, simply place a few bales on the bottom of the compartment and wait for the gauge to tell you whether or not your bales are fully dry. If you're getting close to the end of the growing season, or if your climate is very warm, then your bales should be just as dry as they can be. However, if your climate is cooler or dryer, you need to make adjustments in your watering methods, and your hay pack, so that they can keep providing you with high quality, fresh, wet straw to feed your livestock.

The Hay Moisture Tester can come as a manual model or an electric model. The manual canister model has an easier and more reliable gauge, but an electric model will give you more precise readings and be less likely to malfunction. Some people think an automatic moisture tester is an automatic fertilizer tester, because it does have a sensor that starts drying out your bales before they're completely dry enough to be used. However, an automatic moisture tester does not dry the bales out automatically, so you still need to check on them regularly.

There are a few different types of hay tester machines that you can purchase, including the self-watering type and the oven drying type. An oven drying type will generally dry out your bales much faster than the self-watering type, and the results are far more accurate. Because they use hot air to rapidly draw water into the unit, they are also less likely to burn your fuel, which is good if you plan to use the machine in a hot area. Because they do not rely on electricity for their source of power, they are much more environmentally-friendly, but they do require some maintenance to keep working properly and to keep the fuel burning efficiently.

If you plan to use an automatic hay tester in an area with very cold temperatures, or very warm temperatures, an oven drying model will probably work best. The self-watering type will probably dry your bales more quickly, but will need to be exposed to the air for longer periods of time, and it does not generate as much moisture content. The difference is not significant, but it may be enough to sway your choice between the two models.

Before you purchase any type of hay baler, you should understand how it works and what its basic performance indicators are. The moisture tester's main indicator is the moisture level in the bales being tested. The moisture level can be seen by looking at a tiny drop in the probe's end, and a reading from the probe can also be seen in a display on the moisture meter's monitor. Another indicator is the speed at which the bale hay is drying. This is measured in decibels, and is usually shown on the same monitor as the moisture level indicator.

When shopping for a moisture tester, you should consider several different factors. You need to check the size of the area you want to measure to make sure that you get an accurate measurement. You also need to consider whether you will be using the tool for wet or dry bales, if you need to measure the bales individually, and if you will be doing the check moisture tester's work yourself. If you need to purchase a tool to perform all the required tasks for you, there are some good ones that are available at your local hardware store or supermarket. There are other types of bale baler-mounts that are available online, and these are sometimes more expensive than tools that you can buy at the store.