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The Best Evap Smoke Test of 2021

  Updated on 19 October, 2021

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SaleBestseller No. 1
AutoLine Pro Automotive Smoke Machine Leak Detector EVAP...
  • 【 HIGH PERFORMANCE, PREMIUM BUILD】Made in the USA. Solid Thick Metal Construction for...
  • 【 DIAGNOSE ALL TYPES OF LEAKS WITH ADAPTERS】Consistently smoke test EVAP systems,...
  • 【 PRECISE AND SAFE】Engineered 100% safe for all vehicles. Thick Smoke output detects...
  • 【 HOW DOES IT WORK?】(1) Fill with the included OEM Approved Smoke Fluid. The kit...
Bestseller No. 2
ourantools Automotive EVAP Smoke Machine Leak Detector,...
  • WORKING PRINCIPLE -- This is a professional tool for automotive smoke leak detection, it...
  • POWERFUL FUNCTIONS -- Has three main functions: Air-tightness Check, Air Intake System...
  • EVAP SYSTEM SUPPORTED -- Comes with EVAP special connector. It can help you apply with...
  • BUILT IN AIR COMPRESSOR -- Adopted by adjustable Flow Switch and Flowmeter help control...
SaleBestseller No. 3
Redline Detection Smoke Pro Total Tech Vehicle Smoke Machine...
  • World’s best-selling smoke machine
  • Made in the USA
  • Uses visual vapor to quickly diagnose trouble codes and pinpoint leaks
  • OEM-Approved
Bestseller No. 4
Evap/Vacuum Smoke Machine Tool -Test for Automotive Leaks
  • Test Evap/Vacuum leaks, Easy to use, simple to read instructions
  • Made In USA,Quality made
  • Great tool to have for automotive leaks, Uses Mineral oil
  • Fraction of the cost as commerical Evap Machines
Bestseller No. 5
AUTOOL SDT106 Car Fuel Pipe Smoke Leak Test Machine,...
  • 【POWERFUL FUNCTIONS】AUTOOL SDT106 is a professional automotive pipe leak detect tool....
  • 【WORKING PRINCIPLE】AUTOOL SDT106 turns special oil (baby oil or mineral oil) into...
  • 【OUR ADVANTAGES】(1) Come with EVAP tool set and support EVAP system; (2) Built-in air...
  • 【SPECIFICATIONS】Power supply: DC 12V Battery; Smoke output value: 6L/min. Output...

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Buyer's Guide: Evap Smoke Test

Evap Smoke Test

One of the most common tests performed on new vehicles is the Evap Smoke Test. The Evap test measures the amount of smoke emitted by the fuel tank at various pressures. This test is performed while the car is still being tested, and the car's oil is also checked during the test. If there are noticeable amounts of smoke emitted by the car at any time during the test it is immediately diagnosed as a possible fuel leakage and the cause is then followed up with the proper procedures. It is important to note that all the cars running in an Evap test must have their oil checked during the process, and all the other cars that have their fuel system checked during this process will also need their oil checked.

One of the reasons why a evap leak may occur is because of a loose gas cap. Another reason can be because of a catalytic converter. Sometimes the entire fuel tank can become damaged because of metal corrosion. It could also be caused by worn out or damaged seals. Either way it is always wise to check your Evap Smoke Test when the engine light is on.

A couple of different things can cause a faulty fuel pump seal. For example, engine problems such as overheating, transmission problems with the vacuum can cause Evap Smoke Test results to be misleading. One of the ways to avoid these false readings is to always have the car's vacuum system cleaned out to ensure that the system is working properly.

A fuel vapor sensor, filter, or evap system filter may also cause false readings in an evap smoke test. Any filter, sensor or filter combination in the engine will cause the Evap Smoke Test results to show false positives if the filter is dirty or clogged. However, filters can be replaced and old units cleaned before taking a test. If you do not replace your existing unit, it is recommended to keep an open gas canister of compressed air next to the vehicle in case of a problem occurring with the charcoal canister.

There are some Evap Smoke Test procedures that can cause the price of the kit to rise. For example, if a replacement part is necessary for the Evap Smoke Test then the price will increase. If the test is performed at the same time each month, then the cost will increase over the course of the year. The only way to decrease the cost of the kit is to increase the frequency of taking the Evap Smoke Test. Otherwise the cost can continue to climb.

Not every used car dealership or private seller will perform an Evap Smoke Test. For this reason, there are other places to purchase the kit from including online auctions and government websites. It is important to note that in many cases, government sites can offer high quality kits and service and warranty options that can be better than individual vendors or dealerships. It is also possible to find Evap Smoke Test results on used car web sites that sell the kit and services.

If you are looking for a DIY smoke machine for vacuum leaks then the information about the system is not that difficult to find. A Google search for "evap leaks" and "vep tanks" will yield pages of results. In general, the system is composed of two tanks - one large tank that is used for storing the fuel and the other is a smaller tank used for the vaporizing of the fuel. The evaporative emission control system will use the smaller tank to absorb the poisonous gas while the large tank stores it. A DIY smoke machine for vacuums and emissions can save money and time as it eliminates the need for an emission testing station.

For a detailed DIY EVAP smoke test report, the vendor will need the following information: VIN number of the car and year; Make, model, mileage, and color of vehicle; serial number of carburetor/motors and fuel pump; date of last oil change; and Bendix transmission fluid number. The system was installed by a licensed professional. There are kits that include the required documentation but the best DIY smoke machine for vacuums and emissions is a kit that comes with everything you need to perform an accurate Evap test. There are also some sources that offer more information including pricing and ordering online.