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The Best Christmas Tree Light Tester of 2021

  Updated on 19 October, 2021

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SaleBestseller No. 1
Ulta Lit Light Keeper PRO 01201 The Complete Tool for Fixing...
  • All-in-One Multi Function Light Tester; Features make it easier to fix mini lights sets
  • Features include Quick Fix Trigger, LED Head Light, Audible Continuity Detector, 3-way...
  • Simply plug. Click. Fix; Fixes most light sets in seconds by addressing the damaged bulb...
  • Defective bulb shunts cause most light set failures
SaleBestseller No. 2
Light Keeper Pro The Complete Tool for Repairing...
  • The LED Head Light helps visibility in light repair.
  • The Audible Continuity Detector traces the circuit to the point of interruption.
  • The 3-way bulb puller helps release tight bulbs from their sockets.
  • The Bulb & Fuse Tester tests both indoor and outdoor mini lights.
Bestseller No. 3
Light Keeper Pro-The Complete Tool For Fixing Your Christmas...
  • Fixes Incandescent Mini Light Sets
  • UL Listed for Indoor/Outdoor
  • Voltage Detector
  • Bulb & Fuse Tester
Bestseller No. 4
Lightkeeper Pro Miniature Light Repairing Tool - Fixes...
  • BUNDLE INCLUDES: LightKeeper Pro Holiday and Christmas Tree Light Repair Tool, Holiday...
  • 3-WAY BULB PULLER: This Light Repair Tool helps release tight and stubborn bulbs from...
  • WORKING: The LightKeeper Pro Quick Fix Trigger sends a shaped, electrical pulse through...
  • CONTINUITY/VOLTAGE DETECTOR: Each wall plug has a Hot, Neutral and Ground contact....
Bestseller No. 5

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Buyer's Guide: Christmas Tree Light Tester

Christmas Tree Light Tester: How To Test The Lights?

Christmas Tree Light Testers can help you test for problems with your Christmas Trees during the holidays. You should only use these lights around your tree as a last resort. They will not fix the issue and in many cases could make it worse. You should use these lights for a very limited time period to check your trees before you do the difficult task of replacing them. You will be happy that you only used them once because if you did not, you would have spent hundreds of dollars and hours of your time in testing for problems with your trees.

Christmas tree light tester will check filament and bad bulbs without actually checking the whole strand. They are both breakable and light sensitive without getting several hits. But there are many ways to fix Christmas Lights based on the problem present. But usually the most common problem it to check and replace the blown out fuse and tighten it.

There are different types of Christmas trees and different kinds of lights. Some use wires while others use batteries. The good news is that almost all lights and wires can be checked with the use of a Christmas tree light tester. Here are 7.5-foot wire models for you to try.

The most important thing to remember when using a Christmas tree light tester to check your led lights is to only test the ones on your current Christmas trees. You need to connect the end of the hihi wire with the negative of the battery that is in your Christmas lights. Once you attach the hihi to the negative of the battery you can insert the end of the wire into the hole provided in the bottom of the hihi. When you hear a clicking noise, then that means that the hihi is good and it should not need replacing anymore.

If you are using strings or other kinds of lights, then the process is quite simple. All you have to do is to start by pulling the string through the small holes in the back of the hihi. Then make two or three loops on either end of the string and tie them together with the help of a knot. Tie up the end of the string and remove it from the back of the hihi. Now you can insert the string into the back of the Christmas tree light tester to test if it works.

One thing that you should know about strings and Christmas lights is that they do not have a heat sink. That means that they are always exposed to the air and this can make them lose brightness fast. When you put them into a Christmas tree, they will always absorb the heat and the light that they give off will be very low. Since the led lights of the Christmas lights are more efficient and give off more light, this is not a problem for them. If you want to test if the lights are still working perfectly, then you can do so by wrapping a piece of paper around the base of the Christmas lights and wait until it gets dark and then plug it in.

The next thing that you need to do is to check if your multimeter is already in use. Usually, people would just plug their multimeter into their computer and find out whether it worked or not. If you are doing things manually, then you have to do the same thing. First of all, you have to find out the voltage of the lights that are being operated by the multimeter. Once you have the voltage, you can then match it up with the voltage of the other wires that are being used to connect the Christmas lights to the rest of the electronic devices.

Finally, you need to test the battery and the circuit breakers. You should also check the fuses. If the fuses are still in good condition, then you can leave the rest of the circuits to work. However, if the fuses are damaged, then you need to replace them with new ones and also replace the Christmas tree lights with new ones.