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The Best Canine Pregnancy Test of 2021

  Updated on 19 October, 2021

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Bestseller No. 1
Pet Dog Pregnancy Pregnant Test Paper Strip,Fast and...
  • Simple operation: contains all the required accessories and instructions for use, you can...
  • Fast and accurate detection: After certification, the measurement result is accurate and...
  • Safety: Each set of equipment is individually sealed and packaged, and has been...
  • Use time: The first use is 25 soils and 2 days after mating. If there are two lines in the...
Bestseller No. 2
Synbiotics Canine and Feline Pregnancy Test Kit (5 Tests)
  • Early detection of planned or unplanned pregnancy
  • Detection of pregnancy before or after abortion treatment
  • Early detection of false pregnancy
  • Diagnose fetal resorption or spontaneous abortion
Bestseller No. 3
SmileCare DR.Vet Pet Rapid Canine Pregnancy Relaxin RLN...
  • Rapid Canine Pregnancy Test For Dogs—Early detection of planned pregnancy by yourself at...
  • Used For Canine Pregnancy Relaxin RLN Test—Quickly and Qualitatively detect the Canine...
  • Simple Operation—Following the instructions, just 3 easy steps to finish the whole...
  • Auxiliary Diagnostic—Non-Invasive screen, The dog will not suffer harm during...
Bestseller No. 4
JINGBO Pet Pregnancy Test Kit,Over 99% Accurate Early...
  • Fast and accurate, with results in 15 minutes. The operation is simple, convenient and...
  • Each test card provides all the consumables used, please shake the blood collection tube...
  • The first test time is 20 days after breeding, that is, 25 soil for 2 days. If two lines...
  • If the time of the first test is within 25±2 days, a line appears in the test area and it...
Bestseller No. 5
TABODD Dog Ovulation Detector Tester for Breeders, Automatic...
  • Help to Eliminate the Expense and Time of Repeat Mating.
  • Identification of so called False Heat, Silent Heat and Ovarian Cycle Disorder.
  • Elimination of problems associated with disorders during heating.
  • Effective in Time Saving and Reduction of Costly Visits to the Vet.

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Buyer's Guide: Canine Pregnancy Test

Canine Pregnancy Test: The Best Way to Detect Pregnancy in Pets

Canine Pregnancy Test is a vital tool for any pet owner. Pets are indeed very special creatures and they cannot be left alone during their pregnancy stages. This is because a slight misalignment can cause difficulty in giving birth to your own pet. In case you are not aware, the size of the puppies or kittens when they are born is very much different from the ones that are born a few weeks after. So it is always better to undergo a Canine Pregnancy Test at the time of getting your puppy or kitten. This helps not only to save your dog or cat but also your money.

The Dogwashes Canine Pregnancy Test can prove essential when it comes to home pregnancy tests work. It helps to find out the exact moment of in which the dogs or cats give birth. The testimony from the Canine Pregnancy Test kit can identify whether the pregnant dog or cat gives birth to an actual pup or kitten or not. By measuring the level of relaxin in their blood - the Witness Canine Pregnancy Test kit can tell you whether the female dog or cat gives birth to a live pup or kitten. The kit helps to differentiate the male and female hormones in the body of the dogs or cats. In case the Canine Pregnancy Test results show that the female dog or cat is giving birth to a live pup then you need to take necessary steps to save the pups.

The Canine Pregnancy Test Kit also helps you to know if the Canine Pregnancy Test results reveals that the female dog or cat is indeed pregnant. This Canine Pregnancy Test comes with a human chorionic gonadotropin hormone test strip. The test strip contains diluted human chorionic gonadotropin hormone in it. When the hormone in the test strip changes in the concentration then it means that the female is pregnant.

It is quite normal for pregnant dogs or cats to gain weight during early weeks. You may notice that your pet dogs or cats are eating more frequently during this time. You may notice that they have increased energy during this period. However, the increased appetite does not last and these dogs or cats may soon need to be fed again.

Although dogs or cats become obese due to the consumption of more food but normally their overeating ends up as fat when they are pregnant. Canine Pregnancy Test can help you to determine the ideal time to feed your pets and find out if they have reached their final pregnancy stage. Normally, dogs or cats reach their third trimester in about ten to fourteen days. During this time, feeding them with puppy formula or regular commercial puppy food can be harmful for their health. You need to determine the ideal time to feed them and take proper nutrition.

Canine pregnancy detection is important during the final trimester of pregnancy when the mother dog or cat will experience more frequent litter calls. During this time, you can notice a gradual reduction in the number of pups or kittens. Their appetite may also increase at this stage. You can keep track of their activity by checking their body temperature. If they don't seem to be getting enough nutrients, you should immediately take Canine Pregnancy Test to identify the nutritional deficiency.

Canine Pregnancy Test works better than regular home pregnancy tests because it works on the instinctive maternal instinct. Unlike in humans, dogs use the mother's intuition to identify if they are pregnant or not. This is different from feline hormonal tests which depend only upon the estrogen hormone released by the ovary. The blood tests measure the hormones in the urine. This is better than the previous way of determining the pregnancy in dogs because it is easier and cheaper. Canine Pregnancy Test does not use artificial method to induce pregnancy, as it is performed with the help of natural hormones of the mother.

It is always safe to have your pet undergo Canine Pregnancy Test because it is very accurate and non-invasive. But you have to make sure that you buy the correct Canine Pregnancy Test from trusted Canine pregnancy testing companies. You can also buy the Canine Pregnancy Test at online stores, which offer accurate results within seconds. You can get Canine Pregnancy Test at low prices and can determine the pregnancy in your pets easily, which is why these tests are recommended by most doctors and experts.