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Mold Test Kits: Cleaning Mold Off Petri Dishes

Its never been so easy to test the quality of your indoor air. Whether you're looking for mold, mildew or pesticides, My Mold Detectives has all the products you need. This industry leading, self-adhesive, odor remover/purifier tool offers comprehensive detection of all types of mold, mildew and pests. This expert-created DIY system comes with everything you require to really look deeper into your air and delivers professional, color-coded results showing what kinds of mold are located in your home.

Mold Test Kits are not a new concept. They have been used for decades by many industrial and commercial production facilities as well residential homeowners. Molds are microscopic organisms that grow and spread by breaking down food material, distributing their nutrients throughout the soil in question. The most common mycotoxin found in the environment is Penicillium species. These tiny fungus-like creatures cause a wide range of health problems ranging from allergic reactions to asthma and even cancer. These mycotoxins are very persistent and pose significant threats to public health and safety.

A mold test kit contains a sensitive multi-colored light source that shines brightly on any surface that glows green, red, yellow or black. This illumination will differentiate between healthy and unhealthy spore particles. The user will then be able to determine whether there are spores present by seeing if the color of the light matches the color of the spores. Green spore particles are not a threat and do not typically cause health problems. Yellow or red spore particles are known to produce mycotoxins that can irritate people's eyes, skin and lungs.

Before using the mold testing kit for a mycotoxin contamination, there are a few steps to be followed. First, an area must be treated to eradicate all possible spores. Mold removal can often be achieved with a carpet or petri dish test. The next step is to remove the contaminated area from the main room. For a mycotoxin contamination this step is generally unnecessary.

If no visible mold is present in the testing area, the area should then be treated with a non-toxic disinfectant. The best mold test kits come with specially designed solutions that include powerful chemicals for complete eradication. However, these chemicals can be harmful to human beings and pets if they are inadvertently ingested. Therefore, they should be stored in a safe place away from any possible contact with humans or animals.

The petri dishes used in the mold testing kits contain special pockets that allow the contents to be pumped into a larger chamber containing a continuous flow of air. The chamber is connected to an electric rotary vacuum that completely cleans the interior of the molds. If the mold contamination is confined to one corner of the petri dish, a strong jet of air will eliminate the mold. If it has spread into an entire section of the dish, then a more powerful air pump will be needed to kill the remaining molds. However, it is important to note that all air pumps available today are capable of completely drying molds.

Mold removal from petri dishes does not require any special cleaning equipment. It is simply a matter of wiping the entire surface of the dish with a disinfecting solution and/or a sanitizer. Once this has been done, it is advisable to immediately wash the mold affected areas with hot water. A strong detergent is not necessary as this process is rather simple. However, if the mold has spread into cracks or crevices, it is wise to use a mold killing disinfectant. This will ensure that the mold problem is completely eradicated.

Mold removal can be completed quickly and easily if a mold testing kit is used. Most of these kits contain all of the necessary equipment required for complete mold clean up. A proper mold control plan must first be drawn up and implemented, but once all of the contaminated areas have been eliminated, the petri dishes can be washed with detergent and dried in an air-dryer.

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