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Buyer's Guide: Kee Gold Tester

Kee Gold Tester - A Nondestructive Way to Test the Quality of Your Jewelry

The KEE coin tester discovers the purity of gold more clearly and quickly without the use of complex chemicals. It has a durable ion exchange membrane that maintains the balance of electrolytes for exceptional results. It is completely portable and boasts long-lasting battery life with a single triple-A battery. It has a sophisticated design uses revolutionary new technology and is made to the finest standards. The machine works in all kinds of conditions from salt water to extreme weather conditions to ensure that you always get accurate results and are able to use your coins safely. It can be used anywhere and everywhere as it comes with an adjustable air cushion to reduce the effects of atmospheric shock.

The AA battery allows the user to use the device anywhere even on water. The Kee Gold Tester has a unique electronic display that enables you to test both troy ounces and grams of gold. With a simple push of a button you are instantly shown the gold percentage which can range from anywhere from ninety-three percent to one hundred percent. You can also test both fine gold and bullion without fear of messy gels or chemical spills.

The beauty of using the Kee Gold Tester is that it is easy to use and ideal for all types of people who may not have access to a laboratory environment. It is extremely compact which means you can take it with you wherever you go and test all kinds of metals without having to use a scale. There are no messy gels to clean between test runs which means your in an ideal situation where you can use your tester wherever you are. It has a very long life expectancy of two thousand and five hundred meter hours so you can feel safe in the knowledge that you have taken the most accurate readings possible. The electronic display is clear and easy to read even at 100 meters so you are able to see the results in real time which means you can act sooner rather than later if you discover that your content is actually less than one troy ounce.

Unlike other non-portable type meters you do not need any special equipment to operate this amazing tool. Simply plug in the probe into any power source and it will be ready to run. You can then set the meter to display either milligrams or troy ounces and use it to test all different kinds of metals from gold, brass, copper, bronze and silver. You can also test for other contaminants like lead, mercury, asbestos and much more.

The Kee Gold Tester comes with an aluminum carrying case that is extremely durable. This makes the probe extremely safe to use. All you need to do is connect the two wires to the appropriate testers that come with the unit. There is a rotary control button located on the front of the unit that helps you to operate the meter easily. There is also a clear, easy to see button located on the top of the carrying case. When this button is pressed it starts the testing process.

In order to use the testing probe properly you must understand how it works. The probe has two metal sticks on one end that are attached to an aluminum fitting. This fitting is what provides the electrical current to run the device. On the other end of the probe there is a very smooth, rounded rubber wheel that allows you to control the amount of current applied as well as the polishing tip that controls the polishing action of the gold.

The testing process of the Kee Gold Tester is simple and easy. First, place the desired amount of gold onto the testing probe. Next, apply enough pressure to the polishing tip to make sure that the stick moves under the gold tester. Then, rotate the knob and allow the device to make contact with the gold tester. If the gold tester contacts touch each other then the device is not suitable for your needs, otherwise, this product is good for your home testing needs.

Many people have tried to duplicate the Kee Gold Tester but to no avail. The fact is, they either did not complete the testing process properly or did not use the correct type of test material. Therefore, their results were actually false and they ended up wasting time and money. Today, there is another type of competitor that is now available on the market that does offer the same type of gold testing device. All you need to do is to purchase this type of Kee Gold Tester and then use the patented technology to test the quality of your gold jewelry and make sure that it looks great without spending a fortune in the process.

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