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Buyer's Guide: Gold Testing Kit

A Brief Introduction To Gold Testing Kit

Gold testing kits are widely used in almost all areas of gold refining. Gold testing is a process whereby a sample of gold is melted down and examined for impurities using special tools. This process is done by exposing the gold to an electric current and comparing it with a standard or 'benchmark' standard. If the sample shows up as matching the original sample then it is accepted as good gold. However, if it doesn't match at all, then the tester will have to repeat the procedure until he finds the gold. Hence, even though it takes a lot of effort, gold testing saves precious time and money.

Gold testing kits are generally used to verify the purity of your gold in your jewelry and other items using special tools. Testing kits may either come in the conventional form - the most common form - which will identify the gold by chemical analysis and/or electrical conductivity testing, to ultra-modern kits, which will give the tester a highly sensitive, easily reproducible reading. In addition to this, real gold testing kits may also reveal the content of other precious metals such as silver, titanium, rhodium and copper. However, if you want to get really precise results, then it would be advisable to invest in a real gold kit. Real gold testing kits come with detailed instructions on how to accurately analyze and interpret the results.

One of the most common procedures followed by a gold testing kit is the electrical conductivity test. You fill up the small kit with some distilled water. Leave the kit for about twenty-four hours, and when it is ready, you must send it with two pieces of paper, one soaked in hot water and another in distilled water. The dry papers are to be placed inside the gold testing acid solution.

After about four hours, you will receive your results. The first thing that you will notice is the color of your gold match. If the kit comes with a testing reagent, you should note that this is not the only type of testing reagent used, but the one used for gold testing.

Touchstone Testing Kits: All gold testing kits contain a small piece of gold coated in an acid-like solution. You can use a small plastic or wooden stick to apply the gold coating to a particular area. This is done by pressing down gently on the surface with a touchstone or wooden stick. The stick must be slightly bent at the end so that it will stay in place. It has a metal prong on the other end, which you will use to pick up the gold. The stick is dipped into the solution, and thus, forms a very thin layer of gold coating.

Electronic Gold Testing Kits: You can also purchase some electronic gold testing kits from the internet. There are many websites that sell this type of kit in different prices. You will find that these kits have their own unique brand name, which will distinguish them from each other. These kits are considered better than the touchstone kits since they do not require you to make any contact with gold. However, you need to ensure that you are buying from a reliable company.

Touchstone Testing Kits: The touchstone gold testing kit is the most popular and common type of gold testing kit available. The main advantage of using the touchstone is that it is cheaper than other types of kits. Another advantage is that you can determine the purity almost immediately. You just have to place the object in a clean cup. The tip of the end of this stick has a tiny hole, through which you can easily detect the presence of gold. Thus, it can be easily determined if you have received the real gold or not.

All the mentioned kits are useful for the buyer. The only thing that the buyer should consider before purchasing these kits is the quality of the product. You can buy kits of both types; the electronic and the molds. Ensure that the quality is good so that you can use the products for a long time. You can read the testimonials and feedbacks of customers to know more about the quality of these products.

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