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Buyer's Guide: Gold Tester

How to Use a Gold Tester to Decide Whether Your Coins Are Genuine

You've invested in a few gadgets, but you're still looking for that perfect gold tester. The thought of testing gold won't cross your mind unless you have a full set of 24k gold coins in your possession. But before you head out to the nearest dealer, make sure you have a clue of how to test gold. The steps are simple and easy-just follow these steps on how to test gold with confidence. Before getting excited about getting your hands on some precious metal, read on.

To begin, it is important to understand that it isn't as simple to test other metals. Many common household items, such as plastic buttons or coins, can be subjected to all manner of wear and tear. This will cause them to lose their shine, clarity, color and appeal. However, with gold, any surface scratches or wear will make the precious metal look worse.

To test gold, you need a reliable tester kit. These kits vary depending on your needs, but they should contain several items, including a small piece of paper, a cotton bud, a few sheets of scotch tape and a few coins. Some testers even use an all-purpose rubbing pad or a paper towel.

Before you actually dip your hand into the coin, make sure you have cleaned your hands thoroughly with soap and water. This is particularly important if you're going to be inserting the coin into a sensitive spot, such as the centre of a ear. Once you have thoroughly cleaned your hands, take a moment to try your best to identify any kind of grain or discolorations on the coin. If you see something, do not use the kit to try to clean it. It's likely that you will get no results anyway and this could mean your gold tester was a big waste of your time.

Once you have your equipment set up, it is time to get started. Before you get started, you should ensure that your coin has the same type of surface finish that you want to test. For example, if you are testing pure gold, you will need to test it with a different gold colour than what you are expecting. For example, if your test piece is a yellowish colour, then you should probably wear some gloves. You should also not be applying too much pressure when you handle the coin, as this can cause you to get scratches on your hands, and it can also cause the gold tester to give erroneous results. Be patient and follow the above-mentioned tips.

The first thing you will probably notice is that your coin doesn't feel or sound right. This is perfectly normal - especially if you're working with a cheaper grade of gold. You shouldn't feel any pressure as this can cause the coin to break down.

The next thing you will probably notice is that there are a lot of bubbles on the surface. This is fine - this is actually a good sign. As the tester moves the tester over the coin, it will cause air to escape, which will make the coin's surface bubble up. This is why you will sometimes hear people say that test pieces "bounce back". This is because the air pressure caused by passing the tester over the coin causes the bubbles to rise to the surface.

After you have performed all these tests, you should now be able to wear your gold tester on and see if your coin is genuine or not. If it is, then you will know that you can buy a new one without having to worry about its value having dropped. If it is not, then you should try another gold tester, keep checking back to see if the quality has improved. This will let you know that you can always buy a gold coin and not have to worry about whether you are getting a real bargain or not.

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