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Buyer's Guide: Drug Test Cups

Drug Test Cups - Differentiate Between Different Screening Tests

Drug Test Cups are the most common drug testing equipment used today. There are many types of drug testing devices available to law enforcement authorities and the general public. It has come a long way since its inception. Here's what's new.

Urine drug testing is often used for random drug checking, pre-employment verification, compliance testing, and as well home drug testing and personal drug abuse prevention. Although there have been several changes in the over the counter urine tests market, you could still utilize a regular urine drug test for simple marijuana detection. Additionally, recent DUI/DWI arrests for the possession of small amounts of drugs have increased the need for home and work-related urine tests.

Currently there are four types of over the counter drugs detection programs. One method involves the use of a special liquid collection cup. This test cup is connected to a special water supply with a leak proof cap. The leak then allows a small droplet of the suspected drugs to fall through the cap into a collection cup below. Collection requires that the individual remove the cap and place the collection cup under warm tap water for a few minutes.

Another popular urine drug test cup type is the temperature strip. This device can be purchased for a low cost and it's easy to use. The strip contains a small piece of paper with a removable strip of adhesive on one side. The adhesive pulls of the strip when the temperature rises to the set temperature. The strip is placed inside the cup of the urine sample and incubated for one hour. Once the incubation period is complete, the temperature strip changes color and reveals the color of the sample.

A third type of urine testing system is called the urine-based drug tests Kit. This kit can be used in laboratories or drug treatment clinics. The kits available contain lancets, cotton swabs, enzyme-based reagents, glass vials and pH paper. These kits are commonly used for human saliva testing.

The fourth type of urine drug test cups is the infrared spectrometer. This method is ideal for screening both inhalants and illicit substances. It detects the peak energy transfer, also known as IR, between the illicit substance and its chemical compounds. When the substance and its compounds come into contact with the infrared spectrometer's sensor, an electric current is produced. Because the intensity of the electric current is proportional to the amount of illicit substances present, it's a good system for screening a wide variety of illicit substances.

Prescription drug test cups are often used in medical settings for monitoring patients who take medications for high blood pressure or diabetes, for example. There are also several other applications in the abuse prevention field, including pre Employment Screening, Drug Testing at the Workplace, Drug Deterrence, etc. These tests can also be purchased directly from manufacturers for use in the workplace. These are excellent alternatives to the more expensive urine testing systems, which are often attached to vehicles.

Drug Test Cups allow employers to quickly and easily determine the illicit drug use of an employee or potential employee. By using a pre-employment saliva drug screen, employers can reduce the risk of serious employee theft and negligent hiring actions by almost fifty percent. These tests are very accurate, quick and easy to operate, and are FDA approved. Therefore if you want to ensure that your employees are not putting themselves at risk by using illicit substances, a professional urinalysis or urine drug test cup is an essential investment.

In addition to accurately detecting the presence of illicit substances in a potential or current employee, these devices can also be used in the drug assessment process. A pre-employment urinalysis draws blood from the suspect's finger (or another discreetly inconspicuous location) and analyzes the specimen for blood alcohol, steroids, and other illicit substances. The blood is then sent to a certified laboratory where the results are read and analyzed within a matter of minutes. Most results show positive results instantly, whereas others take longer. Either way, an employer will not be held accountable for the time it takes for results to become available, so an applicant can be back at work the next day after a positive test result has been obtained. Additionally, a pre employment test cup can be administered before an applicant is even hired, to minimize the risk of the accidental ingestion of illicit drugs while an applicant is interviewing for a position.

Drug screening tests are often utilized in drug assessment procedures in day-care facilities and other public institutions. These types of procedures can range from voluntary collection of urine and saliva samples from employees to the more sophisticated techniques used in controlled clinical studies. Voluntary collection of samples from potential job applicants is a popular method employed by many employers, because they believe that it is cheaper and less intrusive than some more intrusive options such as urinalysis or breathalyzer testing. In these circumstances, employers generally provide the drug testing cups to their employees when they initially apply for a job.

A blood or urine drug test cup can also be used in clinical settings, though the collection of samples from potential employees is not usually the primary focus of these types of evaluations. Instead, most clinics focus their resources on collecting urine samples from clients who have recently taken an initial drug test or who otherwise may be a at-risk patient. It is important to note that different drug screens require different methods for collection. Typically, one person collects the urine drug test samples, while another collects the blood samples.

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