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Buyer's Guide: Dog Dna Test

How to Find the Best Dog DNA Test

Dog DNA testing provides conclusive evidence in determining the genetic relationship of two dogs. It has revolutionized the process of genealogy as a whole. Once it was necessary to wait for traditional courtship tests and breeding groups to determine the pedigree of two breeds. All that is now needed is a simple DNA test. Once the test is performed, a report is mailed to you and the results are available within weeks.

Dog DNA testing uses a method known as PCR (polymerase chain reaction) to determine the genetic relationship of a sample of dogs. By reading the sequence of DNA letters (A, G, C, B, etc.) at specific locations on the DNA strand, the geneticist can read what they are looking for. Dog DNA tests come in two varieties; based on genetic breeds ( Kennel Club Types I through II) and based on genetic combinations or breeds (I through IV). Based on your breed, certain DNA tests will match you with another dog that is of the same breed.

There are numerous ways to go about having your dog tested for the results. Because every pet is different, it is important to choose the right tests to get the results you want. Most veterinarians or breeders sell DNA tests that test for common health conditions like cancer, heart disease, allergies, diabetes, obesity, hypertension, obesity, mental health conditions, renal disease, cholesterol levels, as well as many others. Although many breeds have several common health conditions, they still have varying breeds affected by the same conditions.

Most dog dna testing for common health conditions like allergies requires a blood sample. You collect a sample of your pet's blood by swabbing the inside of its mouth. Next, you send the sample to a lab. The lab can perform an HIV or cholesterol test or any other test it feels is necessary. In the United States, the only legal dog dna testing is performed by veterinarians. However, some cities and states are starting to allow private labs to perform tests, so it is best to check with your city or state's law.

A relative finder is another option for dog DNA tests. This service connects people who test for a relative with those who may be related to them by blood or adoption. The fee for this service is between ten and twenty dollars per test. Although it is much more expensive than testing at a vet's office, your relative finder service will provide you with the results back quickly. In some cases, the results back can even be sent to you through email.

Although there are no government funded dog DNA tests currently available, many pet owners are doing their own independent testing by breeding dogs from different breeds. By choosing certain breeds and crossing their parent's genes, dog owners can determine if they have a relative that may have passed on a health problem. For example, if the offspring has several grandparents that have passed on muscular dystrophy, the likelihood that the grandchild will also have the condition increases. However, most independent dog breeders will not do this testing due to the expense, because it is done before selling the puppies to interested parties.

A visit to the veterinarian is the best way to test for a relative. However, since it is much more expensive to have a blood test done for humans, most pet owners opt for an saliva test. For this test, you will simply swab your pup's mouth and collect a small amount of blood. Then, the vet can check the blood for matches using a special device called a genotyper.

You may want to have both a saliva and blood test. However, if you have a large breed mix, the cost may be too high for both tests. You may want to consider having a DNA test performed. This test will provide results within one to three weeks. You will then be able to determine if your pet has a genetic predisposition to the disease or if you are simply passing on a health concern that the breed is known for.

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